If you had a Will or Trust prepared by attorney Sid Brockley, Stan Urbigkeit, William Schumaker, John K. or Kathy Lowe, Thomas J. Rastetter, John C. Anicker or the firms Jack, Goodwin & Urbigkeit, Jack, Goodwin & Anicker, Schumaker and Gilroy or Crist, Stewart, Lowe & Maurer and do not have the original Will and/or Trust, please call 503.680.2884.  The Will or Trust can only be given to the person who signed the document, a court having jurisdiction of the estate or a legally appointed conservator, attorney-in-fact, trustee or personal representative of the person who signed the document.  Oregon law does not permit the Will or Trust to be delivered to anyone else.  If the original Will or Trust is not claimed by an authorized person, the original document may be destroyed after the time period designated by Oregon law.
Publish 11/14, 11/21, 11/28, 12/05/2012.                    CLK12692

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