The following will be considered by the Tigard Planning Commission on Monday December 17, 2012 at 7:00 PM at the Town Hall, 13125 SW Hall Blvd., Tigard, Oregon.  Both public oral and written testimony is invited.
The public hearing on this matter will be conducted in accordance with the Tigard Municipal Code and the rules of procedure adopted by the Council and available at City Hall or the rules of procedure set forth in Chapter 18.390.  Testimony may be submitted in writing prior to or at the public hearing or verbally at the public hearing only.  Failure to raise an issue in person or by letter at some point prior to the close of the hearing accompanied by statements or evidence sufficient to afford the decision-maker an opportunity to respond to the issue precludes appeal to the Land Use Board of Appeals based on that issue.  Failure to specify the criterion from the Community Development Code or Comprehensive Plan at which a comment is directed precludes an appeal based on that criterion.
A copy of the application and all documents and evidence submitted by or on behalf of the applicant and the applicable criteria are available for inspection at no cost.  A copy of the staff report will be made available for inspection at no cost at least seven (7) days prior to the hearing, and copies for all items can also be provided at a reasonable cost.
Further information may be obtained from the Planning Division (staff contact:  John Floyd, Associate Planner) at 13125 SW Hall Blvd., Tigard, Oregon 97223, by calling 503-718-2429, or by e-mail to
REQUEST:  The applicant is requesting approval of a quasi-judicial zoning map amendment on an approximately 1.94 acre parcel fronting 72nd Avenue.  The zoning designation would be changed from “I-P: Industrial Park District” to “I-L: Light Industrial District”, the existing comprehensive plan designation of “Light Industrial” would remain unchanged.
LOCATION:  14830 SW 72nd Avenue; Washington County Tax Map 2s112AD, Tax Lot 700.  ZONE:  I-P: Industrial Park District.  COMPREHENSIVE PLAN DESIGNATION:  Light Industrial.  APPLICABLE REVIEW CRITERIA:  Community Development Code Chapters 18.380, 18.390, & 18.530

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Publish 12/06/2012.                      TT11738