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The City of Milwaukie is accepting petitions for City Council positions.  There will be the position of Mayor and City Councilor positions 2 and 4 on the ballot at the November 4, 2014 General Election.  All positions are for four-year terms that begin January 2015 and expire at the end of 2018.  The City Elections Officer will accept nomination papers comprising a petition between July 25, 2014 and August 26, 2014.  The candidate elected will be required to take an oath of office.  To file for candidacy, one must be a qualified elector of the State of Oregon and resident of Milwaukie for six (6) months prior to the election, or since May 4, 2014.  All Council positions are non-partisan and at-large.  There is a petition process that the City elections officer would gladly discuss with interested persons. For additional information, contact Pat DuVal by phone 503.786.7502 or email
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AUGUST 21, 2014

Department of Transportation and Development, Development Services Building; 150 Beavercreek Road; Oregon City, OR 97045.

Items will not begin before time noted, but may begin later depending on the length of preceding items.  Interested parties may appear and be heard at the hearing at the above address.  Applications may be inspected at, and calls or correspondence directed to, the Planning Division office at the above address.

9:30 AM:  Z0227-14-HOEX; Home Occupation Exception; Philip Murray; Applicant
Proposal: To operation a home occupation business for an online motorcycle parts business under the exceptions review process. The business operation is proposed to be conducted within an existing 2,900 square foot accessory building.
Location:  17829 S Wesley Ct, Oregon City, OR 97045
Legal Description:  T3S, R2E, Section 01A, Tax Lot 00309, W.M.
Zoning:  Rural Area Residential one acre (RA-1)
Staff Contact:  Lorraine Gonzales, 503-742-4541
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Trustee Notice

Document Title: Notice of Default and Election to Sell Grantor: Beauty School Building LLC Grantee: Columbia State Bank, successor in interest to Town Center Bank Reference Nos.: 2004-050184; 2013-027242 Tax ID No.: 00846552 Status: Commercial Property NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND ELECTION TO SELL Issued Pursuant to ORS 86.735 Reference is made to that certain Deed of Trust (the “Deed of Trust“) made by Beauty School Building LLC as Grantor to First American Title Company as Trustee in favor of Columbia State Bank, successor in interest to Town Center Bank, as Beneficiary. The aforesaid Deed of Trust is dated June 1, 2004 and was recorded on June 3, 2004, in official records of Clackamas County, Oregon under File Number 2004-050184, book/reel/volume No. XX at page XX, fee/file/instrument/microfilm/reception no. 2004-050184, covering the following described real property situated in Clackamas County, Oregon: See Exhibit A attached hereto EXHIBIT A Legal Description A tract in the William Holmes and wife Donation Land Claim in Section 5, Township 3 South, Range 2 East, of the Willamette Meridian, in the County of Clackamas and State of Oregon, more particularly described as follows: Beginning at a gas pipe 1,881.7 feet South and 447.49 feet West of the Northeast corner of the Northwest One-quarter of said Section 5; thence North 316.09 feet to an iron pipe and the true point of beginning; thence, from said true point of beginning, South 89º53’10″ West 414 feet to an iron pipe which is the Northwest corner of tract described in deed recorded January 23,1950 in Book 427, Page 403, and the South line of tract described in deed recorded January 25,1921 in Book 161, Page 423; thence continuing along said tract line South 89º53’10″ West 346.5 feet, more or less, to the Easterly line of Molalla Avenue; thence South 28º09′ East along the Easterly line of Molalla Avenue, 354.33 feet, more or less, to the Northwest corner of tract described in deed recorded April 20, 1946 in Book 365, Page 465; thence South 89º47’30″ East along the North line of said tract in Book 165, Page 465, and its extension, 179.34 feet to the Southwest corner of tract described in Book 427, Page 403; thence North along the West line of said last mentioned tract 313.77 feet to the point of beginning. EXCEPTING THEREFROM that portion conveyed to George W. Eby, et ux, by Bargain and Sale Deed, recorded June 26, 1979 as Fee No. 79-026909, more particularly described as follows: A portion of the Southeast One-quarter of the Northwest One-quarter of Section 5, Township 3 South, Range 2 East, of the Willamette Meridian, in the County of Clackamas and State of Oregon, more particularly described as follows: Beginning at the intersection of the North right of way line of Harris Lane and of the Easterly rigtrt of way line of Molalla Blvd; thence North 28º09′ West, along the Easterly right of way of Molalla Blvd. 149.28 feet; thence North 62º59′ East 165.21 feet; thence South 89º42′ East 115.55 feet; thence South 0º09’30″ West 203.84 feet to the North right of way line of Harris Lane; thence North 89º46’15″ West along said right of way line 193.34 feet to the point of beginning.  Said property being commonly known as 1009 Molalla Avenue, Oregon City, Oregon 97045, Clackamas County Tax Identification Number 00846552. The Beneficiary has elected to sell the said real property to satisfy the obligations secured by said Deed of Trust and notice has been recorded pursuant to Section 86.735(3) of Oregon Revised Statutes. The default for which the foreclosure is made is the Grantor’s failure to make payments pursuant to the Promissory Note dated June 1, 2004 and the aforesaid Deed of Trust, to wit: Grantor’s failure to repay the secured loan on its maturity date of June 15, 2014.  By this reason of said default the Beneficiary has declared all obligations secured by said Deed of Trust immediately due and payable, said sums being following, to wit; the sum of $551,138.47 in principal, together with accrued interest thereon as of July 1, 2014 in the amount of $4,322.12, along with $235.91 in late charges, legal fees in an amount to be determined, and $1,430.00 in appraisal fees as of July 1, 2014; plus all additional accrued interest, late charges, and all trustee’s fees, foreclosure costs and any sums advanced by the Beneficiary pursuant to the terms and conditions of said Deed of Trust. Whereof, notice is hereby given that Alexander S. Kleinberg, Esq., the undersigned Trustee, who is an attorney in good standing that is licensed to practice law in the state of Oregon, will on November 21, 2014 at the hour of 10:00 a.m. as established by Section 187.110 of the Oregon Revised Statutes, at the arbor closest to Main Street in the courtyard directly north of the Clackamas County Courthouse, 807 Main Street, Oregon City, OR 97045, County of Clackamas, State of Oregon, sell at public auction to the highest bidder for cash the interest in the said described real property which grantor had or had power to convey at the time of the execution by him of the said Deed of Trust, together with any interest which the Grantor or his successors in interest acquired after the execution of said Deed of Trust, to satisfy the foregoing obligations thereby secured and the costs and expense of such sale, including a reasonable charge by the Trustee. Notice is further given that any person named in Section 86.753 of Oregon Revised Statutes has the right to have the foreclosure proceeding dismissed and the Deed of Trust reinstated by payment to the Beneficiary of the entire amount then due (other than such portion of said principal as would not then be due had no default occurred), together with the costs, Trustee’s and attorney’s fees and curing any other default complained of in the Notice of Default by tendering the performance required under the obligation of said Deed of Trust, at any time prior to five days before the date last set for sale. In construing this Notice, the masculine gender includes the feminine and the neuter, the singular includes plural, the word “grantor” includes any successor in interest to the grantor as well as any other persons owing an obligation, the performance of which is secured by said Deed of Trust, the words ”Trustee” and “Beneficiary” includes their respective successors in interest, if any. DATED this 8th day of July, 2014. ALEXANDER S. KLEINBERG, ESQ. Trustee By: Alexander S. Kleinberg, ORS #102833 Address: 1201 Pacific Avenue, Suite 1200 Tacoma, WA 98402 Phone: (253) 572-4500 (Main number) (253) 620-2531 (Direct Line) Facsimile: (253) 272-5732 Email: STATE OF WASHINGTON ) :ss. ) COUNTY OF PIERCE I certify that I know or have satisfactory evidence that Alexander S. Kleinberg is the person who appeared before me, and said person aknowledged that he signed this instrument, on oath stated that he was authorized to execute the instrument and acknowledge it as a Member of Eisenhower & Carlson, PLLC to be the free and voluntary act of such party for the uses and purposes mentioned in the instrument. Name:  Jennifer K. Fernando Notary Public in and for the State of Washington, residing at:  Bonney Lake, WA My Appointment Expires:  10/21/2014 NOTICE TO RESIDENTIAL TENANTS The property in which you are living is in foreclosure. A foreclosure sale is scheduled for November 21, 2014. The date of this sale may be postponed. Unless the lender that is foreclosing on this property is paid before the sale date, the foreclosure will go through and someone new will own this property. After the sale, the new owner is required to provide you with contact information and notice that the sale took place.  The following information applies to you only if you are a bona fide tenant occupying and renting this property as a residential dwelling under a legitimate rental agreement. The information does not apply to you if you own this property or if you are not a bona fide residential tenant. If the foreclosure sale goes through, the new owner will have the right to require you to move out, Before the new owner can require you to move, the new owner must provide you with written notice that specifies the date by which you must move out. If you do not leave before the move-out date, the new owner can have the sheriff remove you from the property after a court hearing. You will receive notice of the court hearing. PROTECTION FROM EVICTION IF YOU ARE A BONA FIDE TENANT OCCUPYING AND RENTING THIS PROPERTY AS A RESIDENTIAL DWELLING, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO CONTINUE LIVING IN THIS PROPERTY AFTER THE FORECLOSURE SALE FOR:  THE REMAINDER OF YOUR FIXED TERM LEASE, IF YOU HAVE A FIXED TERM LEASE; OR AT LEAST 90 DAYS FROM THE DATE YOU ARE GIVEN A WRITTEN TERMINATION NOTICE.  If the new owner wants to move in and use this property as a primary residence, the new owner can give you written notice and require you to move out after 90 days, even though you have a fixed term lease with more than 90 days left. You must be provided with at least 90 days’ written notice after the foreclosure sale before you can be required to move. A bona fide tenant is a residential tenant who is not the borrower (property owner) or a child, spouse or parent of the borrower, and whose rental agreement: Is the result of an arm’s-length transaction; Requires the payment of rent that is not substantially less than fair market rent for the property, unless the rent is reduced or subsidized due to a federal, state or local subsidy; and Was entered into prior to the date of the foreclosure sale.  ABOUT YOUR TENANCY BETWEEN NOW AND THE FORECLOSURE SALE:  RENT YOU SHOULD CONTINUE TO PAY RENT TO YOUR LANDLORD UNTIL THE PROPERTY IS SOLD OR UNTIL A COURT TELLS YOU OTHERWISE.  IF YOU DO NOT PAY RENT, YOU CAN BE EVICTED.  BE SURE TO KEEP PROOF OF ANY PAYMENTS YOU MAKE.  SECURITY DEPOSIT You may apply your security deposit and any rent you paid in advance against the current rent you owe your landlord as provided in ORS 90.367.  To do this, you must notify your landlord in writing that you want to subtract the amount of your security deposit or prepaid rent from your rent payment. You may do this only for the rent you owe your current landlord. If you do this, you must do so before the foreclosure sale. The business or individual who buys this property at the foreclosure sale is not responsible to you for any deposit or prepaid rent you paid to your landlord. ABOUT YOUR TENANCY AFTER THE FORECLOSURE SALE:  The new owner that buys this property at the foreclosure sale may be willing to allow you to stay as a tenant instead of requiring you to move out after 90 days or at the end of your fixed term lease. After the sale, you should receive a written notice informing you that the sale took place and giving you the new owner’s name and contact information. You should contact the new owner if you would like to stay. If the new owner accepts rent from you, signs a new residential rental agreement with you or does not notify you in writing within 30 days after the date of the foreclosure sale that you must move out, the new owner becomes your new landlord and must maintain the property. Otherwise: You do not owe rent; The new owner is not your landlord and is not responsible for maintaining the property on your behalf; and You must move out by the date the new owner specifies in a notice to you.  The new owner may offer to pay your moving expenses and any other costs or amounts you and the new owner agree on in exchange for your agreement to leave the premises in less than 90 days or before your fixed term lease expires. You should speak with a lawyer to fully understand your rights before making any decisions regarding your tenancy. IT IS UNLAWFUL FOR ANY PERSON TO TRY TO FORCE YOU TO LEAVE YOUR DWELLING UNIT WITHOUT FIRST GIVING YOU WRITTEN NOTICE AND GOING TO COURT TO EVICT YOU.  FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR RIGHTS, YOU SHOULD CONSULT A LAWYER.  If you believe you need legal assistance, contact the Oregon State Bar and ask for the lawyer referral service. Contact information for the Oregon State Bar is included with this notice. If you do not have enough money to pay a lawyer and are otherwise eligible, you may be able to receive legal assistance for free. Information about whom to contact for free legal assistance is included with this notice. P1104552 7/30, 8/6, 8/13, 08/20/2014 CNI5341SP




In accordance with ORS 98.245 and Chapter 3.12 of the Municipal Code of the City of Hillsboro this Public Notice is issued.

The City of Hillsboro Police Department has in its physical possession the unclaimed personal property described below. If you have any ownership interest in any of this unclaimed property, you must file a claim with the City of Hillsboro Police Department within 30 days from the date of publication of this notice, or you will lose your interest in that property.  Individuals may file a claim that presents proof satisfactory to the City of Hillsboro Police Department that the person is the lawful owner or security interest holder of any property described below.  Please Contact Darci VandenHoek, Police Service Specialist at 503-681-6453.

All remaining items are intended to be sold at auction through  The City of Hillsboro reserves the right to remove any of the following items for its own use or for the use of other governmental agencies for governmental purposes.

Watches, red and green tote with  tools, WGC Boyz PJs, 100 foot yellow extension cord, Kids closet, Wii Xbox cases with  discs, ring silver colored and with clear stones, Air hammer kit, packaged box, box with  Nikon nikkor 10.5mm lens, curling iron flat iron, Bespoke labs hair dryer, Chi flat iron, Ulta Chi digital flat irons, Sedu flat iron, Embossing system, Xyron design disc maker, Embossing system, Embossing kit, Black Oakley case with sunglasses, Brown Mani Jims with sunglasses, Garmin GPS and power cord, Black Cernette sunglasses, black carrying bag, Lane Bryant shoes, Turkey fryer, misc new items, Logitech iPod speakers docking station in box, newgate wall clock, box of outlets and switches, box of baby clothes and toys in box, box with Enermax speaker, shoes, holiday décor, light sconces, pencils, stainless mug, mini speakers, flying saucer, Nutralite meal bars in box, Christmas bag with clothing    , Packaged food items, orange extension cord, black wheelchair, Black and white Coach bag, Cinnabar Coach purse, tank tops, DC shoes, black shower curtain, black shower curtains, home docking station, silver-colored earrings, Intex queen sleep sofa, Mainstays microfiber sheet set, gray and purple DC, Nova Orthomed inc wheelchair, 14 K gold ring with  green stone, black and red backpack, Comic books Walt Disney in plastic covers, bags of misc jewelry, ring silver with  diamond #22209, Gray guitar, Blue Hugo Walker Elite Edition with bags, Wedding ring gold band with single diamond pear shaped, Trakter Kontrol S2 DJ system, Kindle fire black Model D01400.
Christie Tosch, Buyer
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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that on August 13, 2014, the Planning Commission of the City of North Plains will conduct a Public Hearing on two applications.  1). Application submitted by Emerio Design for the approval of a final plat for a 5-lot subdivision of single-family detached dwellings on a 0.96 acre lot located at 31790 NW North Avenue designated R-7.5 on the City of North Plains Zoning Map. Tax lot #1N301BD400; and 2). Application submitted by Emerio Design for the approval of a final plat for a 7-lot subdivision of single-family detached dwellings on a 1.0 acre lot located at 31827 NW Pacific Street designated R-5 on the City of North Plains Zoning Map. Tax lot #1N301CD1100.
Applicable sections of the zoning and development code include, but may not be limited to, the following:  16.45, 16.10, 16.20, 16.25, 16.125, 16.135, 16.145, 16.150, 16.155, 16.160, 16.170, and 16.210.
Questions and written comments regarding the application can be directed to City Manager Martha DeBry (503) 647-5555 or City Hall, 31360 NW Commercial Street, North Plains, OR 97133.  Written comments will be received until 5:00 p.m. August 12, 2014 at City Hall, and at the public meeting.
All evidence relied upon by the City to make this decision is in the public record and available for public review at North Plains City Hall Oregon during regular business hours.  A copy of the application is available for review at City Hall or online at  A copy of the City’s staff report and recommendation to the hearings body shall be available for review at no cost at least seven days before the hearing, and available online at  The failure to address an issue with enough detail during the comment period or at the public meeting may preclude an appeal to the Land Use Board of Appeals or Appeals or Circuit Court on that issue.  Only comments on the applicable criteria are considered relevant evidence.  The hearing will be opened for presentation by the city and the applicant and then opened to the public. The hearing can be closed or continued at the discretion of the Planning Commission. If the hearing is closed, the Planning Commission has the right to extend the time for additional information to be submitted by the public or the applicant.  After the comment period closes, the City shall issue a decision. The decision shall be mailed to the applicant and to anyone else who submitted written comments or who is otherwise legally entitled to notice.
City of North Plains Planning Commission public hearing regarding the Pacific Estates and North View Estates Subdivisions will be held August 13, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. at the Jessie Mays Community Hall, 30975 NW Hillcrest Street, North Plains, Oregon.
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Click to view Summons.

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Notice of Public Hearing

Notice of Public hearing

The purpose of this notice is to invite comments on the proposed Comprehensive Plan and Map Amendment and related changes to the Municipal Code.  The proposed changes are intended to provide a general update to the Comprehensive Plan to reflect actual trends in growth in the community, and extend the planning horizon to the year 2028.  Additionally, the City will consider amendments to the municipal code to implement the revised Comprehensive Plan.  Key changes include new and revised zoning district for public facilities and institutions.  The Comprehensive Plan map is also proposed to be revised to reflect current uses and future planning.

The general public is welcome to attend all public hearing meetings and provide input.  Questions and written comments regarding the Comprehensive Plan can be directed to City Manager Martha DeBry at, by calling (503)647-5555 or by mailing to City Hall, 31360 NW Commercial Street, North Plains, OR 97133.  Written comments will be received and are welcome throughout this review process.

What is the Decision Process?  The North Plains Planning Commission will make a decision after the public hearing on August 13, 2014 at Jessie Mays Community Hall, 30975 NW Hillcrest Street, North Plains, Oregon, at 7pm. The City Council will conduct a final Public Hearing on the amendment. The final Council decision may be appealed to the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals.
How can I review the documents and staff report?  You can review the file’s materials at City Hall or on the City’s website  City staff can also email copies of the plan.
Information to include in comments: Issues which may provide the basis for an appeal to the Land Use Board of Appeals shall be raised in writing prior to the expiration of the comment period which is August 13, 2014. Issues shall be raised with sufficient specificity to enable the decision maker to respond to the issue. Failure of an issue to be raised in a hearing, in person, or by letter, or failure to provide statements or evidence sufficient to afford the decision maker an opportunity to respond to the issue, precludes appeal.
Please contact City Hall at (503) 647-5555 or with any questions.
Publish 07/25/2014.                     HT1084


CPMISC 002-14:

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a public hearing will be held before the Hillsboro City Council, at or shortly after 7:00 p.m., on Tuesday, August 5, 2014 in the Auditorium of the Hillsboro Civic Center, 150 East Main Street, Hillsboro. At this hearing, the City Council will consider proposed amendments to Sections 11.32.050 and 11.32.080 of the Hillsboro Municipal Code related to exempt signs.  The proposed amendments would exempt public art and murals from the sign code regulations that have been approved by the Public Art Program of the Parks and Recreation Department.
The staff report on the proposed Municipal Code amendment will be available on Tuesday, July 29, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. The staff report and other related documents are available for public inspection at no cost, or copies can be provided at reasonable cost. Materials can be reviewed from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. weekdays, excluding holidays, in the Planning Department on the fourth floor of the Hillsboro Civic Center, 150 East Main Street, Hillsboro, 97123. Information may also be obtained by calling Genny Bond, Urban Planner, in the Planning Department at 503-681-6246.

All interested persons are invited to attend the public hearing on this application and will be given an opportunity to be heard concerning the proposal. Oral testimony will be taken in the following order: proponents; opponents; and proponent rebuttal. If you are unable to attend the hearing, you may submit a written statement to the City Council on or before the hearing date. Telephone conversations cannot be accepted as testimony.
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The City of Beaverton intends to issue site development and building permits for the proposed LCD Storage Expansion project.  The site at 13625 SW Farmington Road (near Menlo Drive, north of Farmington Road and south of the Tualatin Valley Highway) is within the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) designated 100-year floodplain of Erickson Creek.  The work proposed within the floodplain consists of soil excavation, parking lot reconfiguration, and landscaping that will affect flood waters during large storm events.  Written appeals, based solely on anticipated adverse effects of this work, may be filed with the City Recorder on or before 5 o’clock PM, PDT, Monday, August 4, 2014.  This notice is intended to meet the requirements of Beaverton City Code, Section 9.05.085.  A copy of this code and the proposed plans are available for examination at Beaverton City Hall, Community Development Department, Site Development Division, 4755 SW Griffith Dr., Beaverton, Oregon.

Dated the 24th day of July, 2014

Wendy Prather, P.E., CFM
Development Engineer
Site Development Division
Public Works Department
City of Beaverton
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Department of Probate
In the matter of the Estate of
Case No: 14PB00700
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Barbara L. Stermer and Jerald L. Chittenden have been appointed and have qualified as the Personal Representatives of the above Estate. All persons having claims against the Estate are required to present their claims, with proper vouchers attached, to the Personal Representatives at PO Box 827, McMinnville, Oregon, 97128, within four months after the date of first publication of this Notice, or the claims may be barred.
All persons whose rights may be affected by the proceedings may obtain additional information from the records of the Court, the Personal Representatives, or the attorney for the Personal Representative, PETERSON & PRAUSE, LLP, PO Box 827, McMinnville, Oregon, 97128, telephone number (503) 434-5575.  Dated and first published July 24, 2014.
/s/ Barbara L.Stermer
/s/ Jerald L. Chittenden
Personal Representatives
Personal Representatives:
Barbara L. Stermer, 1530 SW Fleishauer Lane
McMinnville, Oregon 97128. Telephone: (503) 435-1257
Jerald L. Chittenden, 3532 NE 20th Avenue, Portland OR 97212
Telephone: (503) 284-8864
Attorney for the Personal Representatives:
Carol J. Prause, OSB #882903
PETERSON & PRAUSE, LLP, PO Box 827, McMinnville, Oregon 97128. Telephone: (503) 434-5575; Fax: (503) 435-4897 Email:
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