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Hearing Date, Time, and Location:
Tuesday, November 20, 2012; 6:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
380 A Avenue
Lake Oswego, OR  97034

File Number:      LU 12-0018 (Resolution 12-52)
Applicant:  City of Lake Oswego
Location of Property:  City Wide

Nature of Proposal:
Resolution 12-52
A resolution of the Lake Oswego City Council giving preliminary approval of the Complete Neighborhoods and Housing goals and policies in the updated Comprehensive Plan (LU 12-0018).

The City of Lake Oswego is proposing Comprehensive Plan text amendments to the Goal 10 – Housing chapter as part of the Comprehensive Plan Update.  Complete Neighborhoods & Housing includes goals and policies on housing location and quality, housing options, housing affordability, and complete neighborhoods.

The amendments are being proposed to incorporate public comment, support the Lake Oswego Community Vision for 2035, reflect changed conditions since the last Plan update, and create a more clear and concise plan.
The amendments:
?    Reflect the Community Vision and Conceptual Vision Map, which describe a community that includes diverse housing options, with new housing growth focused in commercial areas to create thriving mixed?use districts and preserve existing neighborhood character;
?    Update the residential zoning criteria to differentiate between low, medium, and high?density, and mixed?use housing zones;
?    Provide additional policy direction to support expanded housing choice;
?    Strengthen policies on affordable housing; and
?    Address the concept of complete neighborhoods.

On July 23, 2012, the Planning Commission recommended that the City Council preliminarily approve the proposed amendments.  A copy of the recommended text amendments can be found on the City’s web site by following this shortened web link:

Staff Contacts:
Inquiries regarding the proposal may be directed to:
Sarah Selden, Associate Planner
Phone:  (503) 697-6524
Fax:  (503) 635-0269
For information about the public hearing, or to obtain copies of Resolution 12-52, contact Catherine Schneider, City Recorder, at (503) 675-3984.
How to Comment:
Bring or mail written comments to:
Catherine Schneider, City Recorder
Phone:    (503) 675-3984
Third Floor, City Hall    Fax:    (503) 697-6594
380 A Avenue  E-mail:
Post Office Box 369
Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034
You may attend the hearing and comment under the section for public testimony.  For more about the hearing procedures, contact staff.
The City Council may make a decision following the hearing.
Time Limits on Testimony:
The purpose of time limits on testimony is to provide all interested persons with an adequate opportunity to present and respond to testimony while at the same time ensuring that the hearing can be conducted in an efficient and expeditious manner.  The following time limits on testimony shall be observed, but may be changed by the Council:
Testimony will be taken in the following order: in support of amendment, in opposition to amendment, neutral.
•    10 minutes for a representative of a recognized neighborhood association, homeowner association, or government agency, or other incorporated public interest organization;
•    5 minutes for other persons.
Publish 11/08/2012.                      LOR12867


The City of Lake Oswego Planning Commission will hold a public hearing in the City Council Chamber located in Lake Oswego City Hall at 380 A Avenue on Monday, July 9, 2012, 6:30 p.m.  The Commission will consider LU 12-0018, a request from the City of Lake Oswego for Comprehensive Plan text amendments to Goal 10 – Housing, and reorganization of goals and policies into a new Complete Neighborhoods and Housing chapter.

The City of Lake Oswego is updating its Comprehensive Plan goals and policies as part of its state-required Periodic Review process.  Existing and proposed goals and policies are being organized into seven new Plan chapters or “action areas.”

Text amendments are being proposed to support the Lake Oswego Community Vision for 2035, to reflect changed conditions since the last Plan update, and to create a more clear and concise plan.  The Planning Commission will hold separate public hearings to make a preliminary recommendation on each of the seven action areas of the plan, followed by a final public hearing on the consolidated plan in the spring of 2013.

A copy of the proposed amendments is on file in the Planning & Building Services Department at City Hall.  Since the time allowed for public testimony is limited, you are urged to review the record and be thoroughly familiar with it if you plan to testify.

Staff coordinator is Sarah Selden, Associate Planner, (503) 697-6524.  For additional information, visit the City’s website at:
(Select the link for LU 12-0018)
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