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The West Linn City Council will hold a meeting on Monday, June 14, 2010 to hear the appeal by Troy and Gina Bundy starting at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall (located at 22500 Salamo Road, West Linn, OR.). The appeal file number is AP-10-01.  It was filed by Mr. and Mrs. Bundy after the Planning Director denied their application (WAP-09-03) for a Water Resource Area Protection (WRA) permit.  The permit sought permission to install a swimming pool, patio, grade the property, fill wetlands, remove native vegetation, plant non-native vegetation, create a new drainageway, etc. in a conservation easement and in two environmental overlay areas associated with wetland and riparian areas.  The property is located at 1215 Ninth Street, West Linn.  It is also described as Assessor’s map 31E2AB tax lot 8201.

This will be a de novo hearing, meaning that new testimony and information may be submitted for the City Council’s consideration in addition to the Planning Director’s record.   No specific grounds for appeal were stated by the Bundy’s or their attorney.  Approval or disapproval of the appeal by the City Council will be based upon the WRA approval criteria located in Chapter 32 of the Community Development Zone.  At the hearing, it is important that comments relate specifically to this approval criterion only.

The complete application in the above noted file is available for inspection at no cost and also on the City web site at, or copies can be obtained for a minimal charge per page.  Ten days prior to the hearing, a copy of the staff report will be available for inspection.  For further information, please contact Peter Spir, Associate Planner, at City Hall, 22500 Salamo Road, West Linn, OR  97068,, or 503-723-2539.

The hearing will be conducted according to Community Development Code Section 99.170. Anyone wishing to present written testimony on this matter may do so before or at the hearing. Anyone may testify at the public hearing. Because this hearing is the initial evidentiary hearing, anyone may ask the City Council to continue the public hearing or to leave the written record open and the City Council is required to grant the request and either continue the public hearing or leave the written record open for at least 7 days. Failure to raise an issue with sufficient specificity to afford the governing body and the parties an adequate opportunity to respond to the issue precludes appeal on that issue to the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals.

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