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Clackamas County Section 8 Voucher Waitlist

The Housing Authority of Clackamas County (HACC) is updating its wait list for Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8).  The wait list for Section 8 is closed and will remain closed while the wait list is being updated.  All current wait list applicants will be contacted by first class mail regarding the update and will be required to respond within thirty (30) days to our inquiry.  Failure to respond to the notice results in removal from the HACC waitlist.

While on the wait list, all applicants are required to call us with any changes in mailing address, phone number, family size or income.  Failure to do so could result in the loss of the opportunity to receive housing assistance.

Final determination of an applicant’s eligibility will depend upon verification of income and other circumstances at the time that HACC has a voucher assistance available.  Any questions regarding this notice or the updating process should be directed to:  Anne O’Reilly at P.O. Box 1510, Oregon City, OR 97045-0510 or e-mail or phone 503-650-3145.

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