Invitation to Bid

City of Madras
Invitation to Bid
Madras Municipal Airport West Access Road (Daimler Road)
The City of Madras is seeking sealed bids the Bid Proposal (Bid) shall be submitted in a sealed envelope and marked (Daimler Road) for the Madras Municipal West Access Road (Daimler Road). Bids will be accepted by Jeffrey Hurd, Public Works Director, at the Madras City Hall, 125 SW “E” Street, Madras, OR 97741, until 2:00 pm, , Tuesday, April 26th, 2016 at which time and place bidding will be closed, and the bids opened and read.
Plans, specifications, addenda and notifications of bid results for this project may be viewed, printed or ordered online at:
Premiere Builders Exchange
1902 NE 4th Street
Bend, OR 97701
The work includes placement of a new road on airport property. The work includes, but is not limited to, the time and materials needed to complete the following. Excavate and Construction of base road material to grade, Placement of multiple utility conduits in a trench parallel to the roadway, Installation of multiple underground power transformer vaults, Installation of light pole base assemblies, Construct drainage ditches and stormwater facilities, Placement of new asphalt roadway, Placement of signs, striping, and temporary features.
The Madras Municipal West Access Road (Daimler Road) is for a Public Works subject to ORS 279C.800 to 279C.870 or the Davis-Bacon Act(40 U.S.C 3141 to 3148).
Publish: April 6, 2016