Bids due: June 20, 2016 @ 2:00 pm
Sealed proposals for furnishing all materials, labor and equipment for the following described work will be received by the City Clerk of the City of Chehalis, 350 North Market Blvd. Rm 101, Chehalis, WA 98532, up until 2:00 p.m. June 20, 2016. At this time the sealed bids will be publicly opened and read aloud. A contract will be awarded or all bids rejected within 45 days after the bid opening. The City reserves the right to extend the period of bid consideration subject to the ability of a bidder to withdraw its bid if such an extension is implemented by the City. Bid proposals must be submitted in a sealed opaque envelope clearly marked with the project title and name and address of the bidder. Proposals received after 2:00 p.m. June 20, 2016 will not be considered.
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The project includes the labor and materials to reline approximately 7,183 feet of existing 6-inch, 8-inch and 10-inch AC and concrete sanitary sewer pipe with a cured in place pipe (CIPP) liner and coat approximately thirty-three (33) 48-inch sanitary sewer manholes with an epoxy sealer.
Bidding documents may be obtained at no cost in pdf format only, from SolicitBid at Contact SolicitBid at (206) 219-6481 if unable to access the documents on-line. A Plan Holders list is also on the SolictBid website.
It is the sole responsibility of each Bidder to learn of Addendum, if any. Such information may be obtained from the SolicitBid website. Bidders are encouraged to “Register as Bidder” in order to receive automatic email notification of future addenda and be placed on the “Bidders List”. The City of Chehalis accepts no responsibility or liability and will provide no accommodation to Bidders who fail to check for addendums and submit inadequate or incorrect responses.
All bidders are required to use the forms furnished by the City and to bid each item in the manner shown on the bid form.
Upon award of the contract, a performance and payment bond meeting the requirements of the “Instructions to Bidders” will be required. Progress payments will be made in accordance with the “General Conditions.” The contract is subject to state “Prevailing Wages” and Retainage (5%) will be held until releases are received from the Dept. of Labor & Industries and the Dept. of Revenue.
Bids must be sealed with the outside of the envelope boldly marked to indicate that it contains a sealed bid, the bid opening date, and the specific project involved.
Any technical questions regarding the contract documents should be directed to the City’s consulting engineer, Gibbs & Olson. Inc., attention Mike Marshall at (360) 352-1120 or
A pre-bid conference will be held for all prospective bidders on June 2nd, at 1:30 p.m., at the Chehalis Treatment Plant located at 420 Louisiana Avenue in Chehalis. A site tour is included. Attendance is encouraged but not required in order to submit a bid.
All work performed on this project will be subject to the prevailing wage rates.
All Proposals must be submitted on the regular form furnished with the specifications, and each must be accompanied by a cashier’s check, postal money order or surety bond, by a bonding company licensed to do business in the State of Washington, made payable to the City of Chehalis in an amount not less than five percent (5%) of the total bid.
No Bidder may withdraw their proposal after the time set for the opening thereof, or before award of contract, unless said award is delayed for a period exceeding 45 days. The City reserves the right to award the bid to the lowest responsible Bidder, waive informalities, or reject any or all bids.
It is anticipated that this project will be funded in part by the Washington State Department of Ecology’s Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund. Neither the State of Washington nor any of its departments or employees are, or shall be a party to any contract or subcontract resulting from this solicitation for Bids.
The city of Chehalis hereby notifies all bidders that it will affirmatively ensure that in any contract entered into pursuant to this advertisement, minority business enterprises will be afforded full opportunity to submit bids in response to this invitation, and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of age, race, creed, color, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, or the presence of any physical, mental, or sensory disability in consideration for an award. The City of Chehalis encourages contracting procedures which provide M/WBEs equal opportunity to participate as subcontractors on City contracts.
All contracts with a value of > $1,000 shall require that the awarded contractor register with the Department of Homeland Security E-Verify program. Contractors shall have 30 calendar days after the execution of the contract to register and enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) E-Verify program. After completing the MOU the contractor shall have up to 90 calendar days to begin using E-Verify and provide a written record on the authorized employment status of their employees and those of any sub-contractor(s) currently assigned to the contract.
The City of Chehalis reserves the right or to accept that Bid which appears to serve the best interests of the City of Chehalis.
By: Judy Schave
Clerk City of Chehalis
Published May 24, 2016.