Responses due: September 1, 2016
@ 3:00 pm
Sealed solicitations for the provision of the 2018 Hillsboro Airport Master Plan will be received at the office of the Manager, Contracts and Procurement, of the Port of Portland, 7200 NE Airport Way, Portland, OR 97218 (mailing address: Post Office Box 3529, Portland, Oregon 97208) until the time indicated above.
The Port of Portland (Port) is seeking an update of the Hillsboro Airport Master Plan. The update is to provide the Port with guidance, informed by community involvement, detailed analysis and state of the art forecasting, for future investment in the infrastructure of the Hillsboro airport. Plans for future development should satisfy aviation demand while being consistent with the Port’s mission. The Master Plan’s preferred alternative must balance the economic, environmental and social needs of the airport and the surrounding community. The Master Plan study will provide recommendations from which the Port may take action to improve the airport and associated services.
The study has the specific objective of re-examining the previous master plan. Valid concepts may be retained, while new concepts will be developed for those alternatives no longer valid or considered to be unacceptable or unworkable. Coordination between the Port of Portland (Sponsor), local, regional, state, and federal agencies, tenants, the general public and the Consultant will be essential in bringing together all facts and data relevant to the project and to developing a mutual understanding regarding future development of the Hillsboro Airport.
Questions Concerning this solicitation must be submitted through the Port’s on-line Business Opportunities Vendor Portal. Firms interested in receiving the solicitation document may obtain one by registering with the Port of Portland at through the Business Opportunities Vendor Portal under the following category: 91817- Aviation Consulting. Registration as a potential Port supplier is required in order to obtain the download. Registered firms may view current business opportunities, receive electronic notification of Port solicitations, and have access to view and download copies of solicitations, addenda, and solicitation-holders lists.
Craig Johnsen
Manager, Contracts and Procurement
Port of Portland
Published Aug. 19, 2016.