NOTICE OF ANNUAL REPORT SHERWOOD URBAN RENEWAL AGENCY Not Part of the Official Annual Report: To Be Used For Official Notice for the FY 2015/16 Sherwood Urban Renewal Annual Report The Sherwood Urban Renewal Agency (URA) has published the FY 2015/16 annual report. It is on file at Sherwood City Hall and with the Sherwood Urban Renewal Agency (Agency). The full information is available to all interested persons. In FY 2015/2016, the Agency received $1,736,231 in revenue, which includes tax revenue, miscellaneous revenue, and interest on investments. Expenditures were $1,971,451. The estimated tax revenues for FY 2016/17 are $3,992,015. The FY2015/16 budget includes $5,327,553 in resources and requirements. The estimated impact of carrying out the urban renewal plan on the tax collections for the preceding year for all taxing districts is shown in the table below.

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