Contact: Michael W. Grimm, P.E. General

Contact: Michael W. Grimm, P.E. General Manager West Slope Water District (503) 292-2777 NOTICE OF REGULAR BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS MEETING AND BUDGET COMMITTEE MEETING The West Slope Water District Board of Commissioners will hold both a Budget Committee Meeting followed by a Regular Board Meeting beginning at 5 PM Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at the West Slope Water District office located at 3105 SW 89th Avenue, Portland, Oregon. 1. Call to Order – Regular Meeting – Chair Reierson 2. Public Comment/Communications **************************************************** 3. Suspend Regular Board Meeting to Convene Budget Meeting – Chair Reierson 3.1 Election of Budget Committee Chair – Noel Reierson 3.2 Comments by General Manager, Michael Grimm 3.3 Presentation of Proposed Budget by Manager, Finance & Customer Service, Lucy Dawes 3.4 Public Comments 3.5 Budget Committee Deliberations 3.6 Approval of Budget (Motion to Approve) (if applicable) 3.7 Recess or Adjournment Reconvene Regular Board Meeting **************************************************** Consent Agenda: These items are considered to be routine and may be enacted in one motion without separate discussion. Any Board member may request that an item be removed by motion for discussion and separate action. Items Removed for Separate Discussion: Any item requested to be removed from the consent agenda for separate discussion will be considered immediately after the Board of Commissioners have approved those items which do not require discussion. 4. Finance Manager’s Report & Consent Agenda Items 4.1 Meeting Summary (April 19, 2017) 4.2 Monthly Budget Summary (July 2016 – April 2017) 4.3 Monthly Disbursements (April 2017) 4.4 Columbia Bank Reconciliation (April 2017) 4.5 General Manager’s Expenses Business Agenda: Time will be set aside for public comment for each business item. Each participant is limited to three minutes. The Board Chair may extend the time period at the Board’s discretion. 5. District Activities 5.1 Operations Report 5.2 Green Tank / 73rd Avenue Pipe Projects 5.3 District Website Upgrade Project 5.4 Employee Benefit Program 6. Commissioners Communications 6.1 Reports of meetings attended 6.2. Other topics to be raised by the Commissioners for Board Discussion 7. Adjournment Publish 05/11/2017. BVT15896794

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