NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Monday June 5, 2017 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing regarding a request from Brian Lund & Heather Zwickey, who have submitted an application for a Marijuana Operating Permit for Growing/Producing. The applicant is seeking to grow cannabis in two 30′ X 144′ greenhouses for the recreational marijuana market. The subject property is zoned Primary Forest (PF-80) and is identified by Tax Map No. 7336-00-02100; the property is 9.77 acres, and has an existing home located at the address 72024 Fernhill Road NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing regarding a request from Ron Schlumpberger and Jim Ives, who have submitted an application for a Site Design Review for the construction of an approximate 7,200 sq ft Storage Building with out-door RV and boat storage in yard. The subject property has no address yet, but is located on the north side of Gable Road approximately 1,000 feet west of the Old Portland Road intersection. The site is identified as Tax Map Lot No. 4109-BB-00100, 3.79 acres, zoned Light Industrial (M-2) NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing regarding a request from Enerfin Resources, who have submitted an application for Conditional Use Permit for drilling of a natural gas well near a previously approved Tambora well site. The well site’s subject property is located on Tax Map No. 6N5W09-00-00500, owned by Bruce Fleming. The actual drilling location will be limited to the drill pad constructed for an existing gas well. This proposed site is in the proximity of other gas wells, Mist gas field, near the Mist-Birkenfeld Fire District station NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing regarding a request from Vonda Bitikofer, who has submitted an application for a Major Variance to the Setback Requirements established in the Zoning Ordinance Section 622.4 and Section 213.1 for property line setbacks applicable for an accessory structure. The applicant is proposing to construct a 40′ X 80’storage shop within 10 feet of the north property line adjoining Slavens Way. The Ordinance requires 30 feet setback from property line along a street. The subject property is zoned Rural Residential (RR-2), and is identified by Tax Map No. 4N2W25-A0-03000; and is located at 33699 Slavens Road. Postponed. SAID PUBLIC HEARING will be held before the Columbia County Planning Commission on Monday, June 5, 2017, at 230 Strand, St. Helens, Oregon, starting at or after 6:30 p.m., at which time proponents and opponents of the proposed application will be heard. The criteria to be used in deciding the request will be found in some or all of the following documents and laws, as revised from time to time: Oregon Revised Statutes ORS 197.763; Oregon Administrative Rules; Columbia County Comprehensive Plan; Columbia County Zoning Ordinance. The specific criteria applicable to this request is listed and evaluated in the staff report. A copy of the application, all documents and evidence relied upon by the applicant, and the staff report are available for inspection at no cost and will be provided at reasonable cost at least 7 days prior to the Commission hearing from Land Development Services, County Courthouse Annex, St. Helens, OR, 97051. If additional documents or evidence are provided in support of the application, any party shall be entitled to a continuance of the hearing. Unless there is a continuance, and if a participant so requests before the conclusion of the evidentiary hearing, the record shall remain open for at least seven days after the hearing. At each hearing, the applicant has the burden of presenting substantial evidence showing that the application meets all of the applicable criteria. Following presentation of the staff report, the applicant and other persons in favor of the application will be allowed to address the commission, explaining how the evidence submitted meets the applicable criteria. Following the applicant’s presentation, any person in opposition to the application may present evidence and argument against the application. The applicant will then have the opportunity to rebut any evidence or arguments presented in opposition. After the presentation of evidence and arguments, the public hearing record will be closed. The Commission will then make a tentative decision to be followed by approval of a written order and a statement of findings and conclusions supporting the decision, which will be mailed to all parties at a later date. The Commission may, at its discretion, continue the hearing from time to time at the request of the parties or on its own motion as necessary to afford substantial justice and comply with the law. Additional information about this application may be obtained from the Planning Division of the Land Development Services Department, at (503) 397-1501. May 24, 2017 THE PLANNING COMMISSION Jeff VanNatta, Chairman Publish 05/26/2017. SCS15898958

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