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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Forest Grove City Council will hold Public Hearings on Monday, July 10, 2017, and Monday August 14, 2017, at 7:00 p.m., or thereafter, in the Community Auditorium, 1915 Main Street, to consider the Planning Commission’s recommendation to adopt the proposed Westside Refinement Plan and accompanying implementation actions. The proposal is described below. The affected area includes property located north of Watercrest Road and west of Thatcher Road and the area added to the urban growth boundary in 2014 north of David Hill Road between Highway 47 and Thatcher Road.


If an issue is not raised in the hearing (by person or letter) or if the issue is not explained in sufficient detail to allow the Planning Commission or City Council to respond to the issue then that issue cannot be used as the basis for an appeal to the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA). If additional documents or evidence are provided regarding the application any person shall be entitled to a continuance of the hearing. Information pertaining to this request may be obtained from Senior Planner, Daniel Riordan, Community Development Department, 1924 Council Street, (503) 992-3226 or Additional information is also available online at: planning/page/westside-planning-project. The staff report will be available for review seven days prior to the hearing at Forest Grove City Hall, 1924 Council Street or online at: Proposal Overview Proposed Comprehensive Plan Map Amendments Assignment of City Comprehensive Plan Map designations to the area added the urban growth boundary north of David Hill Road, between Highway 47 and Thatcher Road. Proposed Comprehensive Plan Map designations include: Single Family Residential B-Standard (6.22 homes per net acre), Single Family Residential A-Medium (8.71 homes per net acre), Medium Density Residential (12 homes per net acre), Park, Public (School), and Neighborhood Mixed Use (retail, office and residential (12 homes per net acre)). Proposed Zoning Map Amendments Expansion of the Single Family Residential R-10 (4.35 homes per net acre) zone boundary south of David Hill Road near Antler Lane. The current zone is Single Family Residential R-7 (6.22 homes per net acre). Re-designation of property north of David Hill Road and east of Thatcher from Single Family Residential (R-10) to Neighborhood Mixed Use (NMU) consistent with the Forest Grove Comprehensive Plan Map. Proposed Development Code Amendments Development Code 10.8.610(M) (Grades and Curves): Modification of the City’s collector street standard to allow grades up to 15% for distances no greater than 250 feet. The current maximum is 12%. Development Code 10.8.310 (Hazard Areas): Modification of the code requirement for hazard areas to require geotechnical and engineering studies for land with slopes greater than 10%. The current requirement is 20%. Transportation System Plan Amendments Reduction of the street standard for David Hill Road west of Thatcher Road to allow for 32 feet of pavement in a 40 foot right-of-way with sidewalk and bike lane on one side. The current requirement is feet of pavement in a 70 foot right-of-way with sidewalk and bike lanes on both sides. Modification to the Transportation System Plan street system map to add conceptual locations for future collector streets needed for future development in the planning area. Criteria Comprehensive Plan Amendments Consistency with applicable Comprehensive Plan policies; Metro Regional Framework Plan, Metro Urban Growth Management Functional Plan; and Oregon Statewide Land Use Planning Goals. Zoning Map Amendments The zone map amendment is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan Map. The zone change is consistent with relevant goals and policies of the Comprehensive Plan as identified by the Community Development Director. The site is suitable for the proposed zone. The zone change is consistent with the adopted Transportation System Plan. Public facilities and services for water supply, sanitary waste disposal, storm water disposal and police and fire protection are capable of supporting uses allowed by the zone. The establishment of a zone district is not subject to the meeting of conditions. Development Code Amendments The text amendment is consistent with the relevant goals and policies of the Forest Grove Comprehensive Plan. The text amendment is consistent with relevant statewide and regional planning goals, programs and rules. Transportation System Plan Amendments Compliance with the Oregon Transportation Planning Rule (OAR 660-012-0035(2)), Metro Regional Transportation Functional Plan Title 1 (Street System Design) and Title 5 (Amendments to Comprehensive Plans). Anna D. Ruggles, CMC, City Recorder City of Forest Grove Published NewsTimes Wednesday, July 5, 2017. FGNT15906327

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