Water Restoration Plant Pump And Motor Rebuild Project

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: WATER RESTORATION PLANT PUMP AND MOTOR REBUILD PROJECT GRANTS PASS, OR Proposals due: August 2, 2017 @ 3:00 pm The City of Grants Pass, Oregon, is requesting quotes to rebuild one immersible sewage pump and motor to a remanufactured condition. Pump, a 16 X 16 model I16K-MDIEUC6, Wemco Hidrostal screw centrifugal pump. Material: cast iron with high chrome iron liner and stainless steel impeller. Conditions: 11100/10700/12000/2000 GPM. Against: 38’/41’/30’/30′ TDH. At: 1140/1140/1140/660 RPM. CW rotation viewed from the top of the motor. Vertical dry-pit pump support base sole plate and 20 X 16 suction box with clean out. Motor, an immersible motor, 150 HP, 1186 RPM, IEUC6 frame, explosion proof enclosure, internal moisture probe, oil bath tandem mechanical seals, 3 phase, 60 HZ, 460 volt, motor service factor 1.10 with 32′ of power and control leads, bearing temperature sensor and float switch, 120 volt moisture detector relay. Pump and Motor are located at the City’s Water Restoration Plant, 1200 SW Greenwood Ave, Grants Pass, OR 97526. Copies of the Scope of Work and City of Grants Pass Professional Services Agreement may be obtained from the City of Grants Pass website under ‘Request for Proposals’, www.grantspassoregon.gov or by calling Linda Gay at (541) 450-6110. Quotes are to be submitted on proposal form included within the Scope of Work in a sealed envelope. The Proposer is to include with quoting a list of Wemco Hidrostal screw centrifugal pumps rebuilt within the last 5 years. The list is to include the size of the pump, pump application and pump owner reference contact information. The length of the list is to be sufficient to demonstrate rebuild expertise. The deadline for submission of the proposal in response to this RFP is Wednesday, August 2, 2017 before 3:00 pm local time. The proposal submittals should be labeled and directed to: City of Grants Pass WRP RSP Pump and Motor Rebuild Project Attn: Karen Frerk, City Recorder 101 NW A Street Grants Pass, Oregon 97526 Evaluation Criteria: Proposals shall be reviewed and evaluated based on cost, experience, and references. For additional information please contact Gary Brelinski, Water Restoration Plant Superintendent, at 541-450-6122 or Kevin Smith, Water Restoration Plant Specialist, at 541-450-6124. SCOPE OF WORK Water Restoration Plant Pump and Motor Rebuild Project Rebuild vertical immersible pump and motor. Provide start-up assistance, vibration, frequency and performance testing, and ensure the units are working correctly. Warranty the pumps for a period of 1 year from date of start-up. City of Grants Pass staff will remove the unit and ship them to the contractor’s facility at the City’s cost. The Contractor will ship completed units to the WRP at Contractors cost. WRP staff will unload them from the Contractor’s truck and reinstall them prior to start-up. The Contractor will be responsible for rebuilding pump/motor to remanufactured condition. The work will include but is not limited to: replacing O-rings, bearings, both mechanical seals, testing of the conductivity probe, motor float switch, and thrust bearing temperature switch, dip and bake motor, rewind if needed and re-balance rotor. Additional work that may be required may include replacing the impeller, replacing impeller liner, pump shafts, and other parts. Any additional work or parts will be confirmed with WRP staff before ordering or installation. Additional parts pricing shall be listed on the attached Proposal Form. All components that are to be reused shall be free of any residual contamination. Additionally, the Contractor will properly prepare the unit(s) and apply a protective coating of paint so that the unit will look new. All replaced parts must be returned to the City for disposal. The pumps will be available to the Contractor for inspection and/or testing prior to being removed for the rebuilding process. This will be at the WRP staff’s convenience and the Contractors expense. After rebuilding the pump and motor, Contractor is responsible for shipping back to the treatment plant (WRP). The contractor will be responsible for being present during startup, performing vibration and frequency testing/balancing to ensure the pump operates within approved specifications within their rated parameters. We are aware that some pumps have a frequency resonance range and that his vibration standard shall not apply in those zones. Units shall be painted completely with a quality, industrial enamel paint. Color should match the existing color. Motor bearing oil will be Shell Pella A, Gulf Mineral Seal Oil 896, or Mobil Velocite #6. Contractor shall warranty the pump and motor in writing for a period of not less than one year from date of start-up. Work shall be completed within Forty-Five calendar days after Notice to Proceed, subject to parts availability. Quotes are to be submitted on the attached Proposal Form as stated on page 2. No faxed proposals will be accepted A sample Professional Services Agreement is attached for reference. Published July 21, 2017. BT15909338

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Start Date: 07/21/2017

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Owner: City of Grants Pass