2017 FORECLOSURE NOTICE The Tax Collector of Clackamas County, Oregon, has prepared the following list of all properties now subject to foreclosure, hereto attached, containing the names of several persons appearing in the latest tax rolls as the respective owners of tax delinquent properties, a description of each such property as the name appears in the latest tax rolls, the year or years for which taxes, special assessments, fees or other charges are delinquent on each property, together with the principal of the delinquent amount of each year and the amount accrued and accruing interest thereon through September 15, 2017: **********(Please insert listing here)******** Please take note that a complete and accurate legal description of the properties designated by Tax Lot Numbers above is made a part of the application, as Exhibit A for Judgment of Foreclosure, filed in the Clackamas County Circuit Court and available at the Clackamas County Trial Court Administrator’s Office, and that such more particular descriptions are also available at the office of the Clackamas County Assessor. To all persons or parties above-named, and to all persons owning or claiming to own, or having or claiming to have, any interest in any ‘property included in the Foreclosure List above set forth, being the Clackamas County Foreclosure list: YOU ARE HEREBY REQUIRED TO TAKE NOTICE that Clackamas County, Oregon, has filed in the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for Clackamas County, an application to foreclose the lien of all taxes shown on the 2017 Clackamas County Tax Foreclosure List above set forth, and that the said Clackamas County, as Plaintiff in said applications, will apply to the Court of Judgment of Foreclosure foreclosing such tax liens not less than thirty (30) days from the date of the publication of this notice and any and all persons interested in any of the real property included in said Foreclosure List are hereby required to file answer and defense, if any there be, to such application for Judgment of Foreclosure within thirty (30) days from the date of publication of this notice, which date is the 24th day of August, 2017. Notice of this foreclosure proceeding is given by certified and regular mail and by this publication of the foregoing Foreclosure List in the Lake Oswego Review, a weekly newspaper of general circulation in Clackamas County, Oregon, pursuant to an Order of the Board of County Commissioners for Clackamas County, Oregon, made and entered on June 15, 2017; the date of the publication of said foreclosure list being the 24th day of August, 2017. Bob Vroman Kathy R. Rastetter Assessor and Tax Collector County Counsel Clackamas County, Oregon Clackamas County,Oregon Publish 08/24/2017. LOR15913969

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