Trustee’s Notice of Sale

ad: 15917914

Publication: Non-Judicial (Trustee Sales)

Section: Real Estate

Start Date: 09/28/2017

End Date: 10/19/2017

Court Number: TS #7236.26353

Owner: Northwest Trustee Services

City: Aloha

County: Washington

Full Description: A parcel of land being a portion of Lot 78, Johnson Estate Addition to Beaverton-Reedville Acreage, located in the Northwest one-quarter of Section 7, Township 1 South, Range 1 West, of the Willamette Meridian, in the County of Washington and State of Oregon described as follows: Beginning at the Southeast corner of Lot 35, plat of Nikolas Meadows; thence along the East line of the property described in Deed Document No. 89030845, South 00 degree 16' 22 West

Bid Date: 187.01 feet to the centerline of SW Johnson Street (County Road No. 923); thence along said centerline South 88 degrees 26' 00 East, 95.53 feet to the West line of the property described in Deed Document No. 97083168; thence along said West line North 00 degree 02' 30 West

Bid Time: 187.04 feet; thence leaving said line North 88 degrees 26' 00 West, 94.50 feet to the point of beginning. Excepting that portion deeded to Washington County, a political subdivision of the State of Oregon for roadway purposes as recorded May 10, 2000 in Fee No. 2000-037377 And further excepting that portion lying within SW Johnson Street.