Notice of Public Hearing February 7, 2018

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING AP-17-0006 (APPEAL of CP-17-0002, DP-17-0003, and NR-17-0004) HEARING DATE: On February 7, 2018 the City of Oregon City – City Commission will conduct a public hearing at 7:00 PM in the City Hall Commission Chambers at City Hall, 625 Center Street, Oregon City 97045 on the following items. FILE NUMBERS: AP-17-0006: Appeal of the following files: CP-17-0002: General Development (Concept) Plan DP-17-0003: Detailed Development Plan for Phase 1 NR-17-0004: Natural Resource Overlay District Verification PROJECT DESCRIPTION Approval of a General Development Plan and Detailed Development Plan in two phases located close to the intersection of 17th Street and Washington Street directly across from the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. Phase 1 which is the subject of the Detailed Development Plan consists of a 5-story hotel with approximately 99 rooms with associated parking lot, site improvements and street frontage improvements. Phase 2 consists of 131 apartment units, 9,500 square-feet of retail space, a 2,500 coffee shop and associated parking and site improvements. The project proposal includes preservation and retention of the Hackett House, a designated historic landmark which is currently used for offices. The application requested six adjustments to the development code pursuant to OCMC 17.65.070. APPELLANT: James Nicita, 302 Bluff St, Oregon City, OR 97045 APPLICANT: Hill Architects, 1750 Blankenship Road, Suite 400, West Linn, Oregon 97068 OWNER: Historic Properties LLC, 1300 Adams Street, Oregon City, Oregon 97045 REPRESENTATIVE: Hackett Hospitality Group LLC, 1419 W. Main Street, Battleground, Washington 98604 GROUNDS FOR APPEAL LISTED IN THE NOTICE OF APPEAL: The appellant is appealing the Planning Commission’s approval with conditions of the project on the following grounds: (1) Failure to comply with the neighborhood association meeting requirement – Oregon City Municipal Code (OCMC) 17.50.055; (2) Failure to utilize materials and a design that matches the Hackett House – OCMC 17.62.050(A)(3)(a)); (3) Failure to require a variance rather than an adjustment to the building height requirement – OCMC 17.34.060; (4) Failure to comply with the height limit and material requirements prescribed by the End of the Oregon Trail Design Guidelines (1991); (5) Failure to obtain a variance rather than a modification in cases where the block length is exceeded under OCMC 12.04.195; (6) Failure to provide pedestrian / bicycle accessways where the block length and depth are exceeded under OCMC 12.04.199; (7) Failure to comply with the Public Works Stormwater Grading and Design Standards, the Three Basin Rule and OCMC 13.12.050; (8) Failure to comply with the state water quality standards including ORS 468B.025, ORS 468B.050, Oregon City NPDES MS4 Discharge Permit, OAR 340-41-035(3)(d), OAR 340-41-0350(7)(a).; (9) Failure to identify Phase 2 of the development as a Festival Mark Plan on the site under OCMC 17.65.050(B)(l)(c).; (10) Failure to dedicate lands for the Abernethy Road Realignment as set out in the 1990 End of the Oregon Trail Master Plan under OCMC 17 .62.050(A)(2)(k).; (11) Failure to consider whether the proposed adjustments better meet the 1991 End of the Oregon Trail Master Plan Guidelines under OCMC 17 .62.015.A.; (12) Failure to require a variance, rather than an adjustment, for relocation of the primary entrance under OCMC 17.62.055.D.3.; (13) Failure to give notice to the applicable tribal representative under OCMC 17 .62.040(H)(2).; (14) Failure to utilize a watershed scale assessment under Oregon City Comprehensive Plan Policy 5.4.12 and there is no Goal 5 analysis of storm water impacts to Clackamette Cove; and (15) Failure of the Planning Commission to consider the request for reconsideration under OCMC 17 .50.260. WEBPAGE: LOCATION: 415 17th Street + no address on Washington Street Clackamas Map number 2-2E-29CA, Tax Lots 601, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200, 1300, 1301 CONTACT PERSON: Pete Walter, AICP, Planner (503) 496-1568, NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION: Two Rivers Neighborhood Association The appeal and all documents submitted by or on behalf of the appellant and other parties are available for inspection at no cost at the Oregon City Planning Division, 221 Molalla Avenue, Suite 200, Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Copies of these materials may be obtained for a reasonable cost in advance of the hearing. A staff report will also be available for inspection seven days prior to the hearing. The appeal hearing will be confined to the issues raised in the Grounds for Appeal above. Only the applicant and those persons who participated in writing or orally during the proceeding before the Planning Commission will be allowed to participate either orally or in writing in this appeal. No new evidence will be considered. Written comments must be received by the Planning Division by 3:30pm on January 29, 2018 to be included in the staff report. Written comments received after 3:30 pm on January 29, 2017 will be forwarded to the City Commission for consideration. The City Commission’s decision is the City’s final decision and is appealable to the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) within twenty-one days of when it becomes final by those with standing. The procedures that govern the hearing will be posted at the hearing and are found in OCMC 17.50. NOTE: FOR SPECIAL ASSISTANCE DUE TO DISABILITY, PLEASE CALL CITY HALL, 657-0891, 48 HOURS PRIOR TO MEETING DATE. Publish 1/3/18 CR23159

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