Notice of Special Meeting of the Board of Palmler Creek Water District Improvement Company: Consider and Vote on Applications for the Inclusion In and Exclusion Of Land From the District.

NOTICE OF SPECIAL MEETING OF THE MEMBERS PALMER CREEK WATER DISTRICT IMPROVEMENT COMPANY The Board of Palmer Creek Water District Improvement Company (the District) has called a special meeting of the members of the District to consider and vote on applications for the inclusion of land in and the exclusion of land from the District. The special meeting of members will take place beginning 2:00 PM Thursday May 31, 2018 at the offices at 17395 Wallace Road, Dayton, Oregon. All members, creditors of the corporation and other interested parties may attend to be heard concerning the applications for inclusion and exclusion. APPLICATIONS FOR INCLUSIONS: 1. On March 27, 2018 Agrirock Enterprises LCC applied for inclusion of 85 acres into the district as follows: The farmable 85 acre portion of Yamhill County Tax Lot R5317 00400, which tax lot is described as: Beginning at an iron pipe set at the most Westerly Southwest corner of the Albert Gaines D.L.C. Notification No. 1845, Claim No. 50, in Township 5 South, Range 3 West of the Willamette Meridian in said Yamhill County, State of Oregon, said beginning point or corner being also the Southeast corner of the Woodson Jeffries Claim; thence North 73deg.26′ East between the D.L.C. of said Albert Gaines and the John Richardson D.L.C., 15.20 chains to iron pipe at angel corner of the said Albert Gaines D.L.C. and Northeast corner of said John Richardson D.L.C.; thence South 4deg.23′ East on line between the said D.L.C. of Albert Gaines and said John Richardson D.L.C. 11.15 chains to a stone at the Northwest corner of the D.B. Matheney Claim and in center of County Road now there; thence East along the center of said County Road and on line between said D.L.C. of Albert Gaines and said D.B. Matheney Claim 30.325 chains to iron pipe set for the Southeast corner of Lot No. 1, as shown by County Survey No. 2619 of County Surveys of said County; thence North 05′ East 22.44 chains to iron pipe on South line of County Survey No. 1497 1/2; thence West with line of said County Survey No. 1497 1/2, 45.525 chains to point in creek on the West line of said Donation Land Claim of Albert Gaines above named, as set in said County Survey No. 1497 1/2 thence South 55′ West along the West line of said D.L.C. of Albert Gaines above named, and on East line of said Jeffries Claim above named 15.67 chains to point of beginning and being Lot No. 1 as same is described in County Survey No. 2619, of County Surveys of said Yamhill County, Oregon, said survey duly recorded at Page 149 of Book H of Record of Land Surveys of said Yamhill County Oregon. SAVE AND EXCEPTING that portion conveyed to Yamhill County for roadway as described in Deed recorded December 13, 1955, Book 179, Page 232, Deed Records. The reason given by the applicant for this application: We thought the property had rights in the district when we purchased

ad: 47531

Publication: Newberg Legals 2

Section: Legals

Start Date: 2018/05/16

End Date: 2018/05/30

Owner: Branch Law LLC


County: Yamhill