Public Notice: Clackamas County Vector Control District Request for Offers For Emergency Standby Aerial Application Of Vector Control Agents. ORS 279B.100

CLACKAMAS COUNTY VECTOR CONTROL DISTRICT REQUEST FOR OFFERS FOR EMERGENCY STANDBY AERIAL APPLICATION OF VECTOR CONTROL AGENTS The Clackamas County Vector Control District is soliciting proposals for non-exclusive contract(s) for aerial application of vector control. Proposals are solicited for the provision of service on an on call basis during fiscal years 2019 through 2024. No representation is made or implied that any services will actually be required or will be ordered during the contract term. The contemplated contact is in the form of a basic ordering agreement (BOA) setting out the terms and conditions under which the parties agree to do business in the event that orders are placed. Each order placed is a separate contract which incorporates the terms of the BOA. Description of the District and the Operating Environment: Clackamas County Vector Control District (CCVCD) is an Oregon Special District formed under ORS Chapter 452 to protect the public welfare by monitoring, controlling or eliminating mosquitoes, biting flies and other organisms which are known or believed to transmit diseases to humans, domestic animals or livestock. Such diseases include but are not limited to West Nile Virus, Zika, malaria, dengue fever, encephalitis and others. The District normally employs a variety of methods to identify, control or eliminate vectors that present a danger to public health. The District does not ordinarily use the aerial application of insect control agents to accomplish its mission, however, it is within the authority of the District to do so. The District’s geographical boundaries include all of Clackamas County, Oregon. The northwestern part of the county is heavily urbanized. It includes parts of the City of Portland, Oregon City, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Gladstone, Canby and Wilsonville. There are extensive residential subdivision, commercial developments and industrial land. Southern and eastern parts of the county include agricultural land, forest land and resort areas. Citizens in agricultural parts of the county are familiar with aerial spraying associated with agricultural pursuits citizens in urban areas are not generally accustomed to aerial spraying. The period of the years in which service is most likely to be required if needed is during the period from May to September and is strongly influenced by climate and weather. If applications are needed they are likely to be required between dusk and early morning and to involve low level flight over populated areas. Proposers should familiarize themselves with airfields in Clackamas County and airfields in adjacent areas of Multnomah, Washington and Marion Counties. Proposers must confirm the availability of airfields and airport facilities with the airport operators. The District has no knowledge of the operating requirements for proposer’s aircraft and makes no representation of any kind concerning the availability or adequacy of facilities. Services Required: Safe aerial application of prescribed agents over limited areas, including heavily populated areas and night or in low light conditions. Specified prices shall include all costs for equipment, agent, aircrews, ground personnel, permits, certifications, taxes and ancillary expenses. Prices shall be quoted per acre of application with a base application of 40 acres and increments of not less than 20 acres thereafter. Price shall include a detailed report of the treatment applied to include the agent applied, method of application, area sprayed, and the names of the persons making the application together with their applicable licenses and certificates, Proposers may offer additional services such as proposed community outreach and public service announcements. Form of Proposal: Proposals shall be in writing. The font used shall not be smaller than 10. Proposals shall be no more than 10 pages. Pages shall be single sided and shall be on letter sized paper. The proposal shall be signed by an officer or owner of the proposer authorized to bind the proposer. Proposal shall address the following: 1. The capability of the proposer to respond within 48 hours to an order issued orally or in writing by the District. By respond is meant that the proposer shall be ready and capable of applying agent not later than 48 hours from the time that the order is placed. 2. The competence of the proposer, its personnel and any subcontractor. Competence shall be demonstrated by education, licenses, certificates and training, 3. Experience of the contractor and any subcontractor in the aerial application of agents over populated areas. 4. The safety record of the proposer and any proposed subcontractor including but not limited to any accidents, incidents, citations or violations within the past ten years. 5. A description of the equipment to be used including but not limited to the make, model and age of the aircraft to be used and a description of the aircraft type. Describe the spraying equipment and any instrumentation to record time, place and rate of agent application. 6. Three references with contact information. 7. The price per acre for application and any minimum acreage required. 8. The price of any ancillary services offered. 9. The name and contact information for the person authorized to enter into discussions and /or negotiations with the District concerning the proposal. Submission of Proposal: Proposals shall be placed in sealed envelope addressed to: Interim Executive Director Clackamas County Vector Control District 1102 Abernethy Rd. Oregon City, OR 97045 Proposal for Aerial Spraying Service Date for Submission of Proposals: Proposals submitted by the close of business on August 8, 2018 will be opened and considered after that date. The District may consider proposals received at any time after that date at its sole discretion. Evauation Factors for Award: The District may award more than one contract. The District will award a contract to the proposer whose offer is deemed to be most advantageous to the District. In making its decisions the District will consider the proposer’s capability, competence, experience and public safety during the application process. Price shall be a secondary consideration. Award: This class of contracts is a special procurement and the services being sought are personal services per resolution 2018-36. The District may award a contract to a proposer without discussions on the basis of the proposal or the District may, at its sole discretion, enter into negotiations with the proposer to reach a best and final offer which the District may accept or reject. Form of Contract: The Contract will be in the form of a personal services contract. Copies of the form of contract to be used may be obtained from the District in advance of submitting a proposal. By submitting a proposal the proposer warrants that it has reviewed the form of contract and that it will enter into a contract based on its proposal with no exception to the contract terms in the form. Agency May Reject All Proposals. Pursuant ORS 279B.100 the District may cancel this solicitation and reject all proposals. Requirement to Recycle: Contractors shall use recyclable products to the maximum extent economically feasible in the performance of the contract work set forth in this document. Content of Proposals Proprietary: The content of proposal and evaluation shall be considered proprietary and shall not be disclosed until after a proposal has been accepted or rejected. Proposers shall clearly mark all materials considered as proprietary, confidential or trade secret with a legend on each page. For additional information contact: Mr. Josh Jacobson, Interim Executive Director (503)655-8394 Published July 25, 2018 CLK59851

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Publication: CLK OPC Legals 2

Section: Legals

Start Date: 2018/07/25

End Date: 2018/07/26

Owner: Clackamas County Vector Control District

City: Portland

County: Clackamas