NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING City of Happy Valley Planning Commission CPA-04-18/LDC-04-18/ERP-10-18/VAR-03-18 (Sunnyside Retail Zone Change)

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING City of Happy Valley Planning Commission Notice is hereby given that the City of Happy Valley Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the following date regarding the application described herein: Date & Time: Planning Commission, September 11, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. Hearing Location: City Hall, 16000 SE Misty Dr. Happy Valley, OR 97086 Local File No.: CPA-04-18/LDC-04-18/ERP-10-18/VAR-03-18 (Sunnyside Retail Zone Change) Proposal: A Comprehensive Plan/Zoning Map Amendment, Environmental Review Permit (for Natural Resources) and Class C Variance (to reduce the minimum side yard setback, increase the maximum front setback, and modify the drive-through facility design standards) on an approximately 2.74-acre site. The site is currently zoned a combination of Community Commercial Center (CCC) and Mixed Use Residential – Multifamily Medium Density (MUR-M2). The applicant has proposed to rezone approximately 1.88 acres of the site to Mixed Commercial Center (MCC); the CCC zoned portion of the property and part of the MUR-M2 zoned portion. The applicant has conceptualized development of a multi-tenant commercial development, featuring a restaurant, drive-thru restaurant and vehicular service facility on the proposed MCC zoned portion of the property (approximately 1.88 acres). In conjunction with this future development, as illustrated within the enclosed Plan Set, the applicant has also proposed right-of-way dedication and road frontage improvements. Design Review for buildings and improvements on the subject property would be submitted via separate land use application(s). Location: The subject site is located at 16920 SE Sunnyside Road. The site can be further described as Clackamas County Assessor Map Number 23E06B: Tax Lot 1102. Applicant: Barhoum Investments, LLC Applicable Criteria: Applicable policies and criteria of the Oregon Statewide Planning Goals; Oregon Administrative Rules; Metro Code; City of Happy Valley Comprehensive Plan and Title 16 of the City’s Municipal Code (Land Development Code) – Chapters 16.22 (Residential Land Use Districts); 16.23 (Commercial and Employment Districts); 16.34 (Natural Resource Overlay Zone); 16.41 (Access and Circulation); 16.42 (Landscaping, Street Trees, Fences and Walls, Recreation Areas); 16.43 (Parking and Loading); 16.44 (Special Standards for Certain Uses); 16.46 (Happy Valley Style Design Standards); 16.50 (Public Facilities); 16.61 (Types of Review Procedures); 16.67 (Comprehensive Plan Map, Specific Area Plans, Land Use District Map and Text Amendments); and 16.71 (Variances). Staff Contact: Michael Cynkar, AICP, Associate Planner 503-783-3821; Interested parties are invited to attend the public hearing or to submit comments in writing prior to the meeting time. Written testimony may be submitted in advance or in person at the hearing. Those wishing to present verbal testimony, either pro, con, or to raise questions, will be asked to speak after presentation of the reports. Testimony should pertain to the applicable criteria. The decision by the Planning Commission will be made in accordance with said criteria and may be appealed to the City of Happy Valley City Council. Failure to raise an issue in writing prior to the close of the written comment period, or failure to provide sufficient specificity at the public hearings to afford the decision-making body an opportunity to respond to the issue precludes appeal to the Land Use Board of Appeals based upon that issue. The applicant and any person who submits written comments shall receive notice of the decision. The failure of the applicant to raise constitutional or other issues relating to proposed amendments without sufficient specificity to allow the decision-making body to respond to the issue precludes an action for damages in circuit court. The decision-making criteria, application and records concerning this matter are available at the City of Happy Valley City Hall at the above address during working hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. weekdays), please call for an appointment. For additional information, contact Michael Cynkar, AICP, Associate Planner, at the above address and phone number. The meeting site is accessible to handicapped individuals. Assistance with communications (visual, hearing) must be requested 72 hours in advance by contacting Kara Kerpan, City Recorder, at 503-783-3836. Publish August 22, 2018. CLK61859

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Publication: CLK OPC Legals 2

Section: Legals

Start Date: 2018/08/22

End Date: 2018/08/23

Owner: City of Happy Valley


County: Clackamas