Notice of Hearing for Proposed Subdivision and Development

Notice of Hearing for Proposed Subdivision and Development Date of Notice: April 25, 2019 Date of Hearing: May 15th, 2019 at 6:30 P.M. and June 5th at 6:30 p.m. Location of Hearing: Molalla Adult Center; 315 Kennel Avenue File No.: (Cascade Center Development) DRW01-2019 Address: 718 W. Main St., 724 W. Main St., 728 W. Main St., 104 S. Hezzie Ln., and 121 S. Hezzie Ln. Applicants: Ivonoff Investment Group, LLC, Scott and Carol Maloy, Torsen Patricia Louise, and Price Automotive Refinishing, LLC Proposal: Subdivision and Site Design Review for a new commercial subdivision This notice is to inform you of a pending land use action for a subdivision and site design. The owner proposes to re-plat the existing seven (7) lots into a 13-lot commercial subdivision. Lots one through seven will have retail/restaurant/office building pads with associated parking. Lot eight will be a mixture of recreational vehicle and self-storage units. Lot nine will be additional parking for the adjacent Stone Place apartment complex. Lots ten thru twelve will be developed in the future. Lot thirteen will be developed by a different developer. Access to these new commercial lots will come of either the existing Highway 211 or a new proposed roadway which is the extension of Leroy Avenue. There will be shared access driveways that will serve all the internal lots of the commercial subdivision. The property is zoned General Commercial (C-2). 17-4.2.050 Approval Criteria An application for Subdivision and Site Design Review shall be approved if the proposal meets all of the following criteria. The Planning Official, in approving the application, may impose reasonable conditions of approval, consistent with the applicable criteria. A. The application complies with all of the applicable provisions of the underlying Zoning District (Division II); B. The proposal complies with all of the Development and Design Standards of Division III, as applicable, including, but not limited to: 1. Chapter 17-3.3 Access and Circulation, 2. Chapter 17-3.4 Landscaping, Fences and Walls, Outdoor Lighting, 3. Chapter 17-3.5 Parking and Loading, 4. Chapter 17-3.6 Public Facilities, and 5. Chapter 17-3.7 Signs; 17-4.3.070 Preliminary Plat Approval Criteria A. Approval Criteria. The Planning Commission may approve, approve with conditions, or deny a preliminary plat. The Planning Commission decision shall be based on findings of compliance with all of the following approval criteria: 1. The land division application shall conform to the requirements of Chapter 17-4.3; 2. All proposed lots, blocks, and proposed land uses shall conform to the applicable provisions of Division II Zoning Regulations, except as modified by the provisions of Chapter 17-4.3 (e.g., lot size averaging); 3. Access to individual lots, and public improvements necessary to serve the development, including, but not limited to, water, sewer, and streets, shall conform to Division III Community Design Standards; 4. The proposed plat name is not already recorded for another subdivision, and satisfies the provisions of ORS Chapter 92; 5. The proposed streets, utilities, and surface water drainage facilities conform to City of Molalla adopted master plans and applicable engineering standards and allow for transitions to existing and potential future development on adjacent lands. The preliminary plat shall identify all proposed public improvements and dedications; 6. The architectural standards of Section 17-3.2.030.D are met. Failure of an issue to be raised in a hearing, in person or by email/letter, or failure to provide statements or evidence sufficient to afford the decision maker an opportunity to respond to the issue precludes appeal to LUBA based on that issue. A copy of the application, all documents and evidence submitted by or on behalf of the applicant and applicable criteria are available for inspection at no cost and will be provided at a reasonable cost. A copy of the staff report will be available for inspection at no cost at least seven (7) days prior to the hearing. Copies shall be provided at a reasonable cost upon request. You may attend, offer testimony or seek information at the hearing. Any correspondence received in advance of the meeting will be forwarded to the hearing body. Written testimony will be received by the City of Molalla until the day of the hearing, and should be addressed or emailed to: Senior Planner Alice Cannon, 117 N. Molalla Ave, Molalla OR, 97038,; note that email is preferred. Please ensure your name and address are included in the written testimony. Oral testimony may be offered during the hearing. The Planning Commission may set reasonable time limits for oral presentations and may limit or exclude cumulative, repetitious, irrelevant or personally derogatory testimony or evidence. Oral testimony will not be accepted after the close of the public hearing. Written testimony may be received after the close of the public hearing as allowed by the Planning Commission. Published May 8, 2019. MOP108034

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Publication: Hearing/Meetings 2

Section: Legals

Start Date: 2019/05/08

End Date: 2019/05/08

Owner: City of Molalla


County: Clackamas