Madras Solar Energy Facility Notice of Intent

PUBLIC NOTICE Madras Solar Energy Facility Notice of Intent Summary Date Issued: June 12, 2019 Proposal: Photovoltaic (PV) solar power generation facility occupying approximately 270 acres providing an approximate nominal generating capacity of up to 63 megawatts (MW) and potentially an integrated battery storage system. Location: Jefferson County, approximately 5.5 miles west of Madras Public Comment Deadline: July 19, 2019 Estimated Application Submittal Date: September 2019 Introduction The Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE or Department), staff to the Energy Facility Siting Council (EFSC or Council) received a Notice of Intent (NOI) on May 16, 2019, from Madras PV1, LLC (applicant), a wholly owned subsidiary of Ecoplexus Inc., that it intends to submit an application for site certificate to construct and operate the Madras Solar Energy Facility, a proposed PV solar power generation facility. The proposed facility is an energy facility subject to EFSC jurisdiction under the definition in ORS 469.300(11)(a)(D)(i). As such, the proposed facility must receive a site certificate from EFSC before construction can begin. The Department is accepting public comments on the NOI from June 12, 2019 through July 19, 2019. Description of the Proposed Facility The Madras Solar Energy Facility would consist of a PV solar power generation facility providing a nominal or peak generating capacity of up to 63 megawatts, located within a site boundary of approximately 270 acres. Related and supporting facilities would include an electrical collection system, 34.5-kV to 230-kV step-up transformers, a substation, operations and maintenance enclosure, point of interconnection switching station, and potentially an integrated battery storage system. More detailed information about the facility components and the related and supporting facilities is available in NOI Exhibit B. Location of Proposed Facility The proposed facility would be located in Jefferson County, east of Lake Simtustus, south and west of Willow Creek, and west of Madras. A map of the proposed facility site boundary is attached to this notice. More maps are available as attachments G-1 through G-6 of the NOI, and the Department maintains an online mapping program where you can zoom in for more detail. pid=64e4d4f78c0c42e99d05e46754122ad3 EFSC Review Process The site certificate review is a consolidated, comprehensive siting process. The applicant must demonstrate that the proposed facility meets EFSC standards established under Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 469.501 and set forth in Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) Chapters 345, divisions 22 and 24, as well as all other applicable Oregon statutes, rules, and standards. The Department serves as staff to EFSC and conducts the application review process. Pursuant to ORS 469.504(4), an applicant must elect to demonstrate compliance with the statewide planning goals by either obtaining local land use approval from the affected local government(s) or through EFSC’s determination of compliance. At this time, Madras PV1, LLC intends to satisfy the Council’s Land Use standard (OAR 345-022-0030) by seeking an EFSC determination under ORS 469.504(1)(b). Public Participation There are several opportunities for public participation and comment during the EFSC process. The first is the public comment period on the NOI, which is currently open. The Department has not yet received a site certificate application; once the application is received, the Department will review the application for completeness. After the application is determined to be complete, the Department and applicant will host a public informational meeting held in the vicinity of the proposed facility, during which the Department will provide a general overview of the EFSC review process and future comment opportunities, and the applicant will provide details on the application. Pursuant to OAR 345-015-0220, after the release of the Department’s draft proposed order, a public hearing held in the vicinity of the proposed facility will provide an opportunity for the public to provide oral and written testimony on the proposed facility application and the draft proposed order. Neither the public information meeting nor the public hearing is a contested case hearing. Only the individuals that commented on the record, either in writing or in person at the public hearing, will preserve the right to request participation in a contested case. The Department will provide notice of all future public informational meetings and hearings. Per OAR 345-015-0110(2)(f), the public may also request an informational meeting on the NOI. Notice of Intent The NOI provides notice to the Department and the public that the applicant intends to submit an application for a site certificate in the future. The NOI contains preliminary information about the facility and provides an opportunity for the public, local governments, Tribal governments, and other reviewing agencies to identify issues of concern and applicable regulations. The NOI is not the application for site certificate. Public Comment Period Public comments on the NOI are encouraged to help the applicant identify issues and concerns early in the process. Comments on the NOI are due by 5 p.m. PDT on July 19, 2019, and must be submitted in writing by mail, e-mail, hand-delivery, in-person at the informational meeting, or by fax. Please send comments to: Chase McVeigh-Walker, Senior Siting Analyst Oregon Department of Energy 550 Capital Street NE Salem, OR 97301 Phone: 503-934-1582 Fax: 503-373-7806 Email: Please Note: The submission of comments does not automatically register your contact information to receive notices. If you would like to receive notices for this proposed facility or any other EFSC project, and have not already done so, please follow the instructions in the next section. Receipt of this Notice: You are receiving this notice because: 1. You own property within or adjacent to (within 500 feet) the site boundary. You will automatically receive all future EFSC notices for this facility if the site boundary remains the same. 2. You have previously signed up via GovDelivery to receive notices on all projects. More Information More information about the proposed facility and the review process are available using any of the following options. If you need more information, please contact Chase McVeigh-Walker. 1) ODOE’s webpage More details on the Madras Solar Energy Facility, including the NOI, are available online: Resources describing the State Siting Process, including Oregonians Guide to Siting and Oversight of Energy Facilities are available at: 2) Updates by Email/Mail Subscribe to GovDelivery for email updates on the proposed Madras Solar Energy Facility or other energy facilities under Council jurisdiction. GovDelivery is an automated email system that allows interested members of the public to manage subscriptions to information received about ODOE projects and events. For more information, please visit: To receive notices by U.S. Mail, please contact Chase McVeigh-Walker and request to be added to the paper notice list. 3) In hardcopy Copies of the NOI are available for public review at: Oregon Department of Energy 550 Capitol Street NE Salem, OR 97301 Accessibility information The Oregon Department of Energy is committed to accommodating people with disabilities. If you require any special physical or language accommodations, or need information in an alternate format, please contact Sean Mole at 503-934-4005, toll-free in Oregon at 800-221-8035, or email to Published 06/19/2019 MP116107

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