Ordinance 2829

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING BEFORE THE CITY COUNCIL (LOC Hearing Date, Time, and Location: Tuesday, November 5, 2019; 6:30 p.m. City Council Chamber 380 A Avenue Lake Oswego, OR 97034 File Number: LU 17-0070 (Ordinance 2829) Applicant/Owner: Boones & Kruse Limited Partnership Location of Property: 4403 Kruse Way (21E08BB04900), see below maps. Ordinance 2829 An ordinance of the City of Lake Oswego City Council amending the Comprehensive Plan Map and Zoning Map from PNA to CR&D and modifying the resource overlays from RC District to HBA District for 4403 Kruse Way (Tax Lot 21E08BB04900); amending the Community Development Code to add a new subsection LOC; and adopting findings. (LU 17-0070) Nature of Application and Use or Uses which could be authorized: 1. Comprehensive Plan Map and Zoning Map amendments from PNA (Park and Natural Area) to CR&D (Campus Re- search and Development). 2. A Modification of the resource overlays from RC (Resource Conservation) to HBA (Habitat Benefit Area). On October 14, 2019, the Planning Commission made a recommendation that the City Council approve the proposed amendment and modification, including the addition of a new LOC subsection to the Code. How to Obtain Further Information: The Planning Commission Decision, the application, all documents and evidence in the record, and the applicable approval criteria are available for inspection at the address shown below, at no cost. Copies of these documents may be obtained at reasonable cost. A copy of the Planning Commission staff report and recommendation are also available on the City’s web site: https://www.ci.oswego.or.us/all-projects (Under Search enter LU 17-0070, then press Enter) Staff Contacts: Inquiries regarding the proposal may be directed to: Evan Fransted, Associate Planner E-Mail: efransted@lakeoswego.city Phone: (503) 675-3732 For information about the public hearing contact: Anne-Marie Simpson, City Recorder Email: asimpson@lakeoswego.city Phone: (503) 534-4225 How to Comment: The City Council’s review of the application will occur pursuant to LOC to, except that, for purposes of the hearing in LOC, the applicant shall proceed with testimony, followed by persons in favor of the application, opponents, neutral testimony and rebuttal by the applicant. — No person may testify before the City Council unless that person appeared either orally or in writing before the Planning Commission at its hearing. — Evidence is limited to the Planning Commission hearing re- cord; no new evidence may be presented to the City Council, except as permitted by LOC and (iii). — The only issues that may be raised before the Council are issues that were raised before the Planning Commission with sufficient specificity to enable the Planning Commission to respond. Bring or mail written comments to: Anne-Marie Simpson, City Recorder Third Floor, City Hall 380 A Avenue PO Box 369 Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 (503) 534-4225 cityrecorder@lakeoswego.city You may attend the hearing and, if you appeared orally or in writing before the Planning Commission hearing, you may: — Testify under the applicant’s, other proponent’s, opponent’s, or neutral section of the public hearing; and/or — Submit written testimony to the Council as follows: By 12:00 p.m. on November 5, 2019, bring or mail written testimony to: Anne-Marie Simpson, City Recorder Third Floor, City Hall 380 A Avenue PO Box 369 Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 Staff will distribute to the Council prior to the public hearing. OR Bring the written testimony to the public hearing for distribution to the Council. (It is recommended that 12 copies of the written testimony be available to distribute to each of the councilors and to the mayor, and staff.) For more information about the hearing procedures, contact staff. Time Limits on Testimony: The purpose of time limits on testimony is to provide all qualified interested persons with an adequate opportunity to present and respond to testimony while at the same time ensuring that the hearing can be conducted in an efficient and expeditious manner. Testimony will be taken in the following order: testimony by the applicant, those in support of the application, those in opposition to the application, neutral testimony and rebuttal by the applicant. The following time limits on testimony shall be observed: — 15 minutes for the applicant’s presentation; — 10 minutes for a representative of a recognized neighborhood association, homeowner association, government or govern- ment agency, or other incorporated public interest organization; — 5 minutes for other persons. Any person in attendance at the hearing and entitled to testify may cede his or her time for testimony to another person entitled to testify and thereby in- crease that person’s time for testimony. No person’s testimo- ny may be increased to greater than 10 minutes. — 5 minutes for the applicant’s rebuttal. Decision: The City Council may make a preliminary decision following the hearing. The final City Council decision must be made by adoption of written findings outlining the reasons for the decision. That action usually takes place at the next regular Council meeting. Published 10/31/2019 LOR137194

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Publication: OPC Legals 2

Section: Legals

Start Date: 2019/10/31

End Date: 2019/10/31

Owner: City of Lake Oswego


County: Clackamas