CLAIM OF POSSESSORY LIEN/LANDLORD’S LIEN; NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE SALE Oregon Rental Solutions, LLC, Lien Claimants, v. Port Dharma, LLC Lien Debtor. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT: The undersigned, Oregon Rental Solutions, LLC, hereinafter called the Claimant, pursuant to the provisions of ORS 87.162 through ORS 87.206, inclusive, claims and has a possessory lien upon articles of personal property particularly described as follows: to-wit: Office Desk and Chair; Intel Computer and Sceptre Monitor; OfficeJet Pro Printer; Steel DVR/NVR Cabinet; Enterprise Grade Server; Camera Cloud Recording Device; 5 6TB Video Storage Hard Drives; Liberty Safe; 2 Quest Dual 105 Dehumidifiers;106 Gavita Pro 6X750E Flex Lights; 9 Sun System Veg Lights; 32 Nanolux Veg Lights; 4 Agrobright Veg Lights; 12 Spare Agrobrite Bulbs; 2 Florescent Lights; 7IR28 CUB Co2 Burners; 10 Carbon Air Filter Units; Hand Truck; Mini Fridge; Fire extinguisher; Work Bench; 3 Garden Hoses; 500 Gallon Holding Tank with Pump and Filter; Rubbermaid Storage Locker; 25 Bags Mother Earth Pearlite; 6 Plastic 55 Gallon Drums; 2 Trash Cans; 4 Wooden Drying Racks; 2 Mops and Buckets; 36 2’x4′ Plastic Trays; 6 60 lb. Bags of ProMix Grow Medium; 99 1 Gallon Glass Jars; 2 Cases of RAW Pre Roll Cones; 5000 Pre Roll Containers; 2 Rubbermaid Folding Tables; 400 4 Plant Pots; 400 6 Plant Pots; 100 12 Plant Pots; 3 Metal Shelving/Work Benches; 8 Chairs

ad: 139990

Publication: Forfeitures

Section: Legals

Start Date: 2019/11/19

End Date: 2019/11/26

Owner: Smith, McDonald, Vaught & Rudolph, LLP


County: Multnomah