This ordinance would amend Chapter 7, Economic Development and Chapter 8, Housing of the City’s Comprehensive Plan

PUBLIC NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the City of Estacada Planning Commission will hold Public Hearings beginning at 7:00 pm on Thursday, December 12, 2019, and on Thursday, January 9, 2020, in the Estacada City Council Chambers, Estacada, Oregon, to consider the following application: Ordinance #2019-005. This ordinance would amend Chapter 7, Economic Development and Chapter 8, Housing of the City’s Comprehensive Plan to adopt relevant figures, visions, goals, and policies consistent with the findings of the City’s May 2019 Economic Opportunity Analysis (EOA), its June 2019 housing needs study, public input, and other adopted plans. The amended chapters would allow for five new employment/mixed-use Comprehensive Plan land use designations and one new Comprehensive Plan residential land use designation, each implemented by its own corresponding zone. The ordinance would amend the City’s Comprehensive Plan Map and Zoning Map to assign one of these six new designations/zones to portions of an approximately 431-acre area already within the City’s urban growth boundary (UGB), all but approximately 2.76 acres of which are currently zoned for employment (commercial or industrial) uses. It would also amend the maps to assign the R-1 (Low Density Residential) designation/zone to approximately 4.87 fronting the east side of SE Eagle Creek Rd that is currently designated/zoned C-1 (General Commercial), and would repeal the M-2 (Heavy Industrial) designation/zone. The ordinance would also amend Estacada Municipal Code (EMC) Chapters 16.04-16.36, 16.44-16.52, 16.61-16.66, 16.72-16.76, 16.96-16.101, 16.108, 16.116, 16.120-16.124, 16.132; add new Chapters 16.25, 16.33, 16.34, 16.35, 16.37, 16.38, and 16.39; and repeal Chapter 16.40, all in order to the following: Establish land use regulations (e.g., permitted uses, development standards) for this ordinance’s six new proposed designations/zones; Remove provisions for and references to the M-2 zone; Allow screened outdoor storage as an accessory use on lots/parcels zoned M-1 (Light Industrial) that are no more than five acres in area; Allow the public pedestrian and multi-use trails, paths and boardwalks already identified in the 2018 Active Transportation Plan, and the public facilities and uses already identified in the Waterfront Concept Plan of the 2018 Parks Master Plan, as uses permitted outright in the O-S (Open Space) zone; Expressly allow licensed food carts to be placed on a surface that is made of solid and smooth pavement, pavers, or concrete; Allow portable toilets accessory to licensed food carts, subject to standards; Allow the Planning Commission to approve the additional off-street parking space already required for a short-term rental to be constructed of brick or masonry pavers; Clarify the definition of automobile service station as an allowed use in the C-1 zone; Allow manufacturing in conjunction with retail trade establishments, subject to standards, and prohibit automobile body shops and major repair and maintenance of motor vehicles, in the C-1 zone; Reduce the number of printed plan copies required for land division and annexation applications; Codify an interpretation of the Planning Commission and City Council that the restriction on dead-ending streets exceeding 400 feet in length applies to residential developments, and not industrial or commercial developments; Define and regulate cottage clusters and discount stores; Adopt requirements and a review process for compliance with a Downtown Estacada Pre-Approved Paint Palette; Establish a minimum off-street vehicle parking standard for authorized campsites and recreational cabins and yurts; Reconcile references to manufactured and mobile homes; and Clarify and reorganize, but not substantively change, existing EMC Title 16 terms, cross-references, and provisions. After their two Public Hearings, the Planning Commission may make a recommendation on the proposed ordinance to the City Council, who would hold another public hearing before making any final decision on the proposal. Anyone wishing to present written testimony on these proposed actions may do so in writing prior to or at the Public Hearings. Testimony and evidence must be directed toward the applicable approval criteria or other criteria, which a person believes to apply to the decision. Failure to raise an issue in a hearing, in person or by letter, or failure to provide sufficient specificity to afford the decision-makers an opportunity to respond to the issue precludes appeal of the final decision based upon that issue. A copy of the draft ordinance, applicable criteria, 2019 EOA, 2019 housing study, public survey results, a related traffic study, and all adopted City plans are available for inspection at no cost in the City Recorder’s Office at City Hall, and online at: Copies of any of these documents will also be provided at reasonable cost. A copy of the City’s staff report will be available for inspection at no cost at least seven days prior to the Public Hearing. Information regarding the ordinance may also be obtained from the City Planner Taylor Campi:, 503-630-8270 ext. 211 Published 11/21/2019 and 11/28/2019 EN140228

ad: 140228

Publication: Gresham Legals 2

Section: Legals

Start Date: 2019/11/21

End Date: 2019/11/28

Owner: City of Estacada


County: Clackamas